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MM1 b Demande internationale relevant exclusivement du Protocole MM16 e Toute autre désignation postérieure MM19 Note: Les formulaires klm et s sont facultatifs.

General 1.

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The Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks, of April 14,was last revised at Stockholm on July 14,and amended on September 28, The Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the Blocages a prosztatitis Registration of Marks of June 27, entered into force on December 1,and has been operational since April 1, Under the provisions of the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, the international registration of a mark can be requested of the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO through the intermediary of the Office of origin by any national of the Contracting Parties of the Agreement, of the Protocol or of both the Agreement and the Protocol, and also by any other natural person or legal entity having a domicile or a blocages a prosztatitis and effective industrial or commercial establishment in one of those Contracting Parties.

An international registration has effect in each of the Contracting Parties in respect of which protection has been requested; these Contracting Parties are mentioned in the publication under INID code designations under the Madrid Agreement or INID code designations under the Madrid Protocol.

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However, each of these Contracting Parties may, in accordance with the conditions provided for in the Agreement or the Protocol, refuse protection to the mark in its territory within a given time-limit see item 6 below or, at any time, to pronounce blocages a prosztatitis of such protection on its prononcer, territory. Provisional refusals of protection without the grounds for refusalstatements under Rule 17 5 a confirming or withdrawing a provisional refusal, further statements under Rule 17 5 b affecting the protection of the mark, statements of grant of protection and invalidations recorded in blocages a prosztatitis International Register are published under the item "Provisional refusals, statements under Rule 17 5 a and bgrants of protection and invalidations".

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Registrations 6. This date is the one from which is counted the time limit of one year during which blocages a prosztatitis refusal of protection may be pronounced under Article 5 2 of the Agreement or one year or more under Article 5 2 a to c of the Protocol. This classification includes 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services. The names of the countries concerned or of the intergovernmental organizations concerned are identified by two-letter codes under WIPO Standard ST.

For the ST. In principle, the publication of the renewal includes the same indications as the publication relating to the registration, subject to any changes which have occurred since the registration.

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The dates indicated are the date of the international registration, the date of the last renewal and the date on which the next payment is due. Renewal is a mere prolongation of the registration as it exists at the time where the renewal must take effect; consequently, no change can be made to blocages a prosztatitis registration by the renewal itself.

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Subsequent designations and changes provided for under the Agreement, the Protocol and the Regulations, can be recorded in the International Register before or after renewal.

A separate request must be presented to the International Bureau for this purpose.

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At the time of publication of renewals, only changes recorded at the blocages a prosztatitis on the date of expiry of the registration to be renewed are taken into account. Subsequent designations A subsequent designation is a request to extend the effects of súlyosbítja a prosztatitist international registration to a Contracting Party to which it does not yet extend its effects.

A subsequent designation can be filed at any time.

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As is the case for registration, and under the same conditions, each Contracting Party which is blocages a prosztatitis subject of a subsequent designation may refuse protection of the mark or pronounce its invalidation see item 6 above ; The time limits indicated in item 6 above start from the date of notification of the subsequent designation. Classification of figurative elements Where the mark which is the subject of an international registration is a figurative mark or a word mark comprising a figurative element, the publication of that registration indicates, under the reproduction of the mark, the categories and divisions of the Classification of Figurative Elements of Marks Established by the Vienna Agreement of June 12,in which the figurative elements of that mark are placed Article 4 of the Vienna Agreement.

The fifth edition of the Classification of Figurative Elements entered into force on January 1,